What Beer Has the Least Amount of Sugar? 10 Best Low-carb beers

As people are becoming more conscious of their weight, one question that lingers is “what beer has the least amount of sugar?”

This article will describe the beer with the least amount of sugar. We will compare different beer styles and list the beer with the least amount of sugar and net carbohydrates per style. Moreover, we will describe the process of making beer (brewing) that leads to the least amount of sugar in your beer. Finally, we will check the relationship between sugar content and beer’s calories.

We have previously described the best low-carb IPAs and the calories in light beer including bud light and others.

What beer has the least amount of sugar?

What beer has the least amount of sugar?

The beer with the lowest amount of sugar and carbs in a 12 oz. serving include Budweiser Select 55 with 1.9 grams of carbohydrate content, Miller 64 with 2.4 grams of carbohydrates, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold with 2.5grams carbs, Corona Premier with 2.6g carbs, Michelob Ultra with 2.6g carbs, Natural Light with 3.2g carbs, Busch Ice with 4.2g carbs and Bud Light with 4.6 grams of carbs. It is important to note that all these beers have zero sugar.

Beer with the least amount of sugarSugar contentCarb contentCalories per 12 oz.ABV
Budweiser Select 550g sugar1.9g carbs55 calories2.4% ABV
Miller 640g sugar2.4g carbs64 calories2.8% ABV
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold0g sugar2.5g carbs85 calories3.8% ABV
Corona Premier0g sugar2.6g carbs90 calories4.0% ABV
Michelob Ultra0g sugar2.6g carbs95 calories4.2% ABV
Natural Light0g sugar3.2g carbs95 calories4.2% ABV
Miller Lite0g sugar3.2g carbs96 calories4.2% ABV
Yuengling Light Lager0g sugar3.2g carbs99 calories3.8% ABV
Milwaukee’s Best Light0g sugar3.5g carbs96 calories4.1% ABV
Beck’s Premier Light0g sugar3.9g carbs64 calories2.3% ABV
Busch Ice0g sugar4.2g carbs136 calories5.9% ABV
Bud Light0g sugar4.6g of carbs110 calories4.2% ABV

The table above shows that most light beers have a low-calorie count due to low alcohol and carb content. This is because most light beers are watered down to reduce the alcohol concentration in addition to reducing the calorie output.

The calories from alcohol are higher than the calories from carbs and proteins. One gram of alcohol (ethanol) will give you 7 calories, unlike carbs and proteins which give you 4 calories per gram.

Moreover, light beers have a lower carb and protein content. This leads to reduced calories per serving of the beer.

1. Budweiser Select 55 – 1.9g carbs

Budweiser Select 55 is a light golden lager that is made using perfectly made caramel malts and a blend of premium hops -imported and domestic giving you a full flavor and a crisp, clean finish.

Budweiser Select 55 beer is one of the lowest-ABV alcoholic drinks with 2.4% alcohol content by volume. A 12 oz. serving of this drink will give you 55 calories from 1.9g grams of carbohydrates of which the sugar content is 0 grams, 0 grams of fats, and 0.5 grams of proteins.

The Budweiser Select 55 gives you a good time but is brewed to complement the full flavor of Bud Select, but only gives you a fraction of the select calories since you will get 55 calories in a 12 oz. serving. Therefore, it is one of the best beers for people with diabetes. You will love the rich taste that is seen in a Budweiser regular.

2. Miller 64 – 2.4g carbs

Miller 64 from Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, WI is another low-calorie ultra-refreshing lager in the market today. It is an exciting beer that does not skimp on taste even though it is a low-calorie option of the Miller brand.

The 2.4 grams of carbs with 0 grams of sugar are quite low and contribute to the low-calorie output of 64 calories per 12 oz. serving.

Combining the low alcohol content of 2.8% ABV in Miller 64 with a fresh, crisp flavor gives you an excellent beer for your relaxation times. It is light and refreshing which you expect from any quality beer.

3. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold – 2.5g carbs

The Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is an American Style lager that features in our list of beers with the least carb content. It is a beer with a crisp, balanced flavor and surprisingly low alcohol content which is 3.8% by volume.

The calorie output of 85 calories is quite low and the calories come from 2.5 grams of carbs, 0.6 grams of proteins, and 3.8% alcohol content for the Michelob Ultra 12 oz serving. The beer contains 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat per serving.

The Ultra is a much lower carb content beer compared to Michelob Ultra. Michelob Ultra pure gold is also free from artificial flavors and colorings.

4. Becks Premier Light

Beck’s Premier Light is a crisp and refreshing flavor German beer that gives you 64 calories per 12 oz. serving. The Lager – Leichtbier has a slightly sweet, malty, and fruity taste.

Compared to the three beers listed above, Beck’s Premier light has a higher carb content of 3.9 grams carbs but a lower alcohol content of 2.3% ABV.

Beck’s Premier Light beer is brewed by Brauerei Beck & Co. in Bremen, Germany. It is thus a low-calorie light-lager option due to the lowest alcohol content.

Brewing process that leads to beer with the least amount of sugar

How to brew a beer with low alcohol content

The brewing process of the beer style you like can determine the amount of carbs or calories that emanate from the beer’s serving. For example, getting a low-calorie India Pale Ale is not easy since the brewing process is quite complex.

Sugar is not one of the main ingredients of beer. The main ingredients of beer are grains, yeast, water, and hops. However, the malting process of grains such as barley, wheat, or corn prior to fermentation produces sugars since the complex starches are converted to sugar.

The sugar in the malt (‘wort‘) is what is fermented by yeast to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.

After fermentation, the residual sugar varies from one beer style to another with the fermenting yeast being the main determinant. The residual sugar range is quite wide. The driest has a negligible amount of sugar (well under 1% residual sugar) and the beer types include Belgian specialty beer styles, lambics, and some saisons. On the other end of the spectrum are hefty barley wines which have 10% residual sugar giving them a syrupy profile.

Light beers because of being watered down also have a very low-calorie count.

What beer has no sugar or carbs

Bud Light Next is a net Zero carbs beer that will give you 80 calories emanating from 4% alcohol content by volume. It is a beer that breaks the barriers in carb consumption while still maintaining a super crisp light beer profile and a light beer alcohol content.

Bud Light Next is the first carb-free beer from Anheuser-Busch. It is important to note that ABinBev researched the beer for almost a decade by going through more than 130 prototypes along the way to come up with a zero-carb beer.

Compared to regular and light beers, Bud Light NEXT is a healthier option. You will love the water, with possible cereal flavor with fermented grain with a subtle lemon aroma. Most of the people who have tasted it claims that it doesn’t taste anything like a beer.

The appearance of the beer is very clear, bubbly pale straw, with a thin head of foam, and minimal lacing. It is thus a “lager with the stats and sessionability of a seltzer, featuring notes of citrus.”

Does beer turn into sugar in your body?

Some sources claim that need turns to sugar during its metabolism in the body.

However, this can’t be further from the truth!

In the liver, alcohol is metabolized to intermediate substances until it is eventually broken down into carbon dioxide and water. However, none of the intermediate substances is sugar.

The fact is that most nutrients are metabolized in the liver.

Alcohol being harmful in high quantities to your cells means that its detoxification is prioritized. Thus, the metabolism of alcohol means the body shuts down your body’s fat-burning engine as well as other nutrients’ metabolism.

Drinking alcohol causes a temporary reduction of blood sugar and a rise in blood fats as the body deals with alcohol metabolism. Thus, it is impossible for alcohol to turn into sugar in the body, and actually, alcohol tends to lower blood sugar levels.

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By giving you the list of beers with the least sugar and carb content, we are making your life easy if you are a weight-conscious person. We know getting the best low-carb porter is a challenge because of the brewing process but there are a few beers. It enables you to make a decision on the beer type, style, and brand that you can take to ensure you get drunk while also minimizing weight gain.

Bud Light NEXT is a lager with net zero carbs. However, there are a number of beers with very low carb content including Budweiser Select 55, Miller Lite 64, and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold.

You have a choice to choose the beer that suits your taste and calorie requirements. Kindly comment on the taste of these light beers below.