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Lee is a lifelong beer enthusiast, a professional writer, and an adult learning specialist. I enjoy helping people enjoy beer either at our company or in the comfort of their homes. With over 10 years in the beer production industry, you can be sure that I have seen it all, done it all, can give a few tips on the art and craft of beer making

Can You Use Instant Yeast to Make Beer?

Can you use instant yeast to make beer? When you think of the word yeast, what comes to mind? Most likely Belgian Trappist ales, a glass of lager in the local brewpub, or perhaps that one time your high-school boyfriend…

Fermentor VS Fermenter: What’s The Difference?

The final stage of brewing beer is finishing it off in a fermentation tank. However, fermentor VS fermenter: what’s the difference? The fermentor is the vessel where fermentation is done using the fermenter such as yeasts. The final stage in…