Lee is a lifelong beer enthusiast, a professional writer, and an adult learning specialist. I enjoy helping people enjoy beer either at our company or in the comfort of their homes. With over 10 years in the beer production industry, you can be sure that I have seen it all, done it all, can give a few tips on the art and craft of beer making

Do You Have To Refrigerate Wine After Opening?

Refrigerating wine after opening will extend its shelf life, but it’s not necessary for all wines. Refrigerate wine after opening (cool storage) to slow the oxidation process, which is the primary factor in determining how long a bottle of wine…

Does Champagne Freeze? Is Frozen Champagne Ruined?

In the final moments of New Year celebrations, it’s common to finish off a bottle of Champagne with friends. But do you ever wonder if that fizzy beverage is able to stand frosty temperatures? Even though there are so many…