Truly’s Alcohol Content – 12 oz. Calories & How Many Trulys to Get Drunk

Taking alcoholic drinks in moderation is the motto even for sweet Hard Seltzer. The moderation is relative also. So what is Truly’s alcohol content and how many Trulys to get drunk?

In this article, we will describe Truly’s alcohol content and compare it with other beers and Hard Seltzers. This will help us define the number of Trulys to get drunk as well as get to know the nutritional facts. Moreover, we will give you tips on how long it will take to get drunk.

Let’s use our experience as a craft brewer at Hopsters Brewing Company to give you tested and proven facts on how many Trulys to get drunk.

Truly's Alcohol Content - 12 oz. Calories, taste, and serving

Truly’s alcohol content

A standard 12-oz can of Truly Hard Seltzer has a 5 percent alcohol content similar to most standard beers but with less calories and carbs compared to a regular beer. The alcohol in Truly comes from the natural fermentation of cane sugar since Truly Hard Seltzer is crafted with simple, naturally gluten-free ingredients.

All flavors of Truly have the same 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) with 100 calories, two grams of carbs, and a single gram of sugar to give you a clean, crisp, and refreshing hard seltzer with a hint of real fruit juice from different concentrates depending on the flavor.

Truly is a hard seltzer just like White Claws that has become popular among beer lovers. It is a beverage made with carbonated water, flavorings, and alcohol, and is known for having low carbs and calories.

However, like any beer drinking too much of it can lead to abuse, and thus drinking in moderation is required. Let’s check Truly’s beer profile:

Truly Beer Profile

Produced byBoston Beer Co., Boston
First produced2016
Alcohol Content5%
Calories100 calories, Less than 110 in all 12 oz. cans
Carbs2 grams
Sugar1 gram
Protein0 grams
Does Trulys contain gluten?Gluten-free
IngredientsFermented cane sugar (alcohol), filtered Water, Natural Flavors, Contains Less than 2% of Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, and Stevia Sweetener.
How many Truly flavors?Over 30 Truly flavors
TasteClean, crisp, and refreshing with a hint of fruit

White Claw vs Truly Alcohol Content

An average can of White Claw contains 5% ABV, similar to all Truly Hard Seltzer’s flavors. This means that one 12 oz. can of White Claw or Truly contains 0.25 units of alcohol.

This is almost the same as what you’ll find in a pint of beer. A standard lager has an ABV of 5% while light lagers have an ABV of 4% to 4.2% on average. A strong lager might contain up to 10% ABV.

Both drinks are hard seltzers and thus are absorbed very fast in the digestive system into the bloodstream. Moreover, both drinks have a sweet flavor which can be construed to mean that they are not alcoholic even though we have said they are.

Moreover, White Claw will give you 100 calories similar to Truly Hard Seltzer for every 12 oz. serving that you take. This makes them comparable to light beers in terms of calories.

To ensure that you are taking both responsibly, we recommend taking no more than one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Moreover, you have to stay hydrated by taking lots of water as well as taking a meal before or with drinks.

Truly alcohol content vs beer alcohol content

Both hard seltzers and beers are alcoholic drinks that will make you drunk if you take a number of them. This will be described in depth below.

The alcohol content in Truly Hard Seltzer is similar to the alcohol content in standard beer. A standard beer has an ABV of 5% and so does every flavor of Truly Hard Seltzer. On the other hand light lagers have an ABV of 4% to 4.2% on average. A strong lager might contain up to 10% ABV.

Therefore it will take the same number of Trulys to get drunk as your regular beer. However, you may get tipsy faster when taking Truly than a beer.

How much alcohol is in a 24 oz Truly?

Every Truly flavor has 5% alcohol content per can whether a 24-ounce serving or a 12-ounce serving. This means that it is equivalent to the amount of alcohol in a standard beer in a similar serving. The Hard Seltzer can be served in 12 oz. servings or 24 oz. servings.

A 24-ounce serving of Truly Hard Seltzer contains 1.2 ounces of alcohol. This is enough to make some people including women drunk.

The 24 oz Truly Hard Seltzer will give you 200 calories, 2 grams of sugar, and is gluten-free. The three make it an attractive option for drinkers watching their carb and sugar intake in addition to having reduced instances of hangover.

How Many Trulys Does It Take To Get Drunk?

To get drunk on Trulys, you need to take between 4 and 5 cans to get legally drunk with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent. Assured is that no matter the weight (including adults weighing 140lbs or more) and other factors if you take between 5 and 7 cans you will surely get drunk.

The factors that determine how fast you will get drunk include your weight, height, metabolism, health status, presence of food in the stomach, gender, and age.

Generally, heavier and taller people metabolize alcohol more slowly than smaller people. You also have to consider how often you drink for alcohol tolerance. If this will be your first time drinking Truly Hard Seltzer, or if it’s been a long time since you last drank, you’ll probably get drunk more quickly than usual.

You should be aware that the taste of this drink is sweeter than the taste of other beers. This might trick you into drinking more than you should. You might also find that your body absorbs the alcohol from Truly Hard Seltzer faster than from other drinks.

Truly Hard Seltzer can take up to 1-2 hours for it to be fully absorbed into your bloodstream. This depends on your eating and drinking habits. You might also be surprised to find that the effects of this drink kick in more quickly than expected.

It’s best to avoid drinking Truly if you’re driving. And you should be careful when you’re walking too because of the risk of accidents including falls.

How many Truly Hard Seltzer can make you Drunk Based on Weight?

Weight12 oz. Truly cans to make a man drunk12 oz. Truly cans to make a woman drunk
100 Pounds2-3 Truly Cans2-3 Truly Cans
120 Pounds3-4 Truly Cans2-3 Truly Cans
140 Pounds4-5 Truly Cans2-4 Truly Cans
160 Pounds4-6 Truly Cans3-5 Truly Cans
180 Pounds4-6 Truly Cans3-5 Truly Cans

Getting Drunk on One Can of Truly

You can’t get drunk on one can of Truly unless your health is severely compromised. This is because even though Truly Hard Seltzer has a high alcohol content of 5% by volume, taking one can of Truly only raise the blood alcohol concentration to 0.02 which is markedly lower than the 0.08 BAC for a person to be intoxicated.

One can will however make you tipsy but not drunk if you are taking the alcoholic drink on an empty stomach. The same can happen for people with low alcohol tolerance or when their health is compromised.

Operating heavy machinery or driving when tipsy or drunk is not recommended. This is because the decision-making speed and accuracy are compromised.

Is Truly Hard Alcohol?

No, Truly is not vodka, whiskey, gin, brandy, rum, or a mix of any hard alcohol since it is not a cocktail or mixed drink. Truly is a can of beer made by natural fermentation of cane sugar to produce alcohol (ethanol) which is then diluted with filtered water and flavored using natural fruit concentrates.

The Hard Seltzer thus contains 5% ABV for any flavor of the alcoholic drink. 5% is the same alcohol content in a White Claw can. The 5% alcohol content is produced in a similar natural way to how a beer becomes alcoholic so it does not need to have vodka added to the hard seltzer with the difference being how carbonation is achieved.

To emphasize its clean and pure nature, Truly does not have any gluten or spirits (distilled liquor). In addition to the clean alcohol content, Truly contains different fruit flavors and is carbonated, giving you a fizzy taste.

To note is that Truly is an alcoholic hard seltzer and thus seltzers are not spiked. It may create some misconception in some people that it has no alcohol due to the fruit taste and packaging.

The brew contains 100 calories per 12-fluid-ounce can. The calorie output is from alcohol content (5% ABV), sugars, other carbohydrates, and other natural ingredients.

However, in the market today, we have Truly Hard Seltzer. The hard seltzer contains 6X distilled vodka, real fruit juice concentrate, and premium flavors. This flavor is quite distinct compared to others.

Is Truly a Beer?

Truly is not a beer but a hard seltzer with alcohol made from the natural fermentation of cane sugar unlike beers made from grain fermentation and does not contain hops, unlike beers.

FeatureTruly hard seltzerRegular Beer
Production processNatural fermentation of cane sugarFermentation of grains such as barley, wheat, corn, and rice
Hops contentNo hopsMost contain hops
Added sugarSugar added to TrulyNo sugar is added to most beers
Fruit juice addedYesMostly no
Alcohol content5% ABVRegular beer contains 5% ABV: Other beers range from 2.5% to 6% ABV:
IngredientsCarbonated water, alcohol from sugar cane, and fruit flavoringMalt, hops, Yeast, grains such as barley, wheat, rice, or corn
Calories per 12 oz.100 caloriesApproximately 150 calories

The other difference between Hard Seltzers and regular beers is the calorie output per serving. Since Hard Seltzers contain less carbohydrates and proteins, they have less calorie output compared to regular beers.

Hard Seltzers have become very popular among beer lovers because of the differences above. It is a health-conscious drink giving you reduced carbs, proteins, and calories per serving.

Does Truly Have More Alcohol Than Beer?

As discussed above, Truly has almost the same alcohol content as most regular beers. However, there are some beers having less alcohol content including light beers such as Bud Light whose alcohol content is 4.2% ABV while others range from 3.5% ABV to 4.2% ABV. In addition, some beers have a higher alcohol content compared to Truly since those beers’ ABV can go as high as 13%.

Truly alcohol content of 5% means that taking a 12 oz serving of Truly Light is comparable to drinking a regular beer in terms of alcohol content. However, on calorie intake, Truly Hard Seltzer contains less calories and carbs compared to beers.

On the type of alcohol, both of them have naturally fermented alcohol but for Truly, the alcohol is from cane sugar while beer is from grains. Moreover, Truly has fruit concentrates which make it a healthier option.

How Long Does It Take for a Hard Seltzer to Kick In?

To start feeling the effects of Truly Hard Seltzer, it will take about 10 minutes after drinking to kick in. However, it can take up to 1-2 hours for it to be fully absorbed into your bloodstream. This depends on your eating and drinking habits. You might also be surprised to find that the effects of this drink kick in more quickly than expected.

Moreover, since Truly Hard Seltzer has a faster absorption rate, it may take less time for the alcohol to get into your bloodstream. This means you’ll experience an “initial buzz” sooner than if you were drinking another type of beer.

The reason for fast absorption is because Truly seltzers are carbonated and the bubbles help you absorb alcohol quicker. Moreover, the carbonation and acidity of the seltzer make Truly move faster from your stomach to the small intestine, meaning you will have a faster absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream compared to contemporary beers.

Can you get Hangover from Truly Hard Seltzer?

You can get a hangover from taking Truly Hard Seltzer but since the drink does not contain congeners it does not have worse hangover levels of whiskey, heavy beers, or red wine. Congeners are found in dark liquors, dark beers, and red wine among other dark brews.

The other reason for reduced hangover level is because the low-sugar Truly Hard Seltzer leaves you more hydrated compared to high-sugar beers.

Thus, just like beers and spirits, it is important to drink Truly Hard Seltzer in moderation. You can also reduce hangovers by staying hydrated by taking lots of water and having a meal with or before taking the drink.


We have gone through how many Truly Hard Seltzers will get you drunk (four to five) and after how long. Truly Hard Seltzer from Boston Beer Co. contains 5% alcohol content by volume.

We have also given you the number of seltzers that will make you drunk depending on your weight from our own research as well as confirmation from the medical experts from HealthLine and CDC.

We have noted that you can’t get drunk by taking one can unless your health is compromised. However, the effects of the seltzer kick in very fast (within 10 minutes).