How to Display Your Beer Growlers: The Ultimate 7-Step Guide

Anyone that has been to a brewery knows about growlers. Even as we discuss what a growler is, how do you Display Your Beer Growlers for creativity and beauty?

A growler is a glass or metal container you can use to take home beer from the brewery. You can usually get it filled either by buying and refilling your own or getting them from the brewery by renting one.

Fortunately, as craft beer continues to grow in popularity, more breweries are starting to release their beers in growlers.

Whether you’re a home brewer looking for new ways to show off your creations, or a fan of craft beer who is ready to take the next step and invest in some equipment of your own, there are plenty of ways you can use growlers as a creative way to display your beer at home.

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How to Display Your Beer Growlers

Step 1: Know your growler’s dimensions

Before you go on a mission to find the best vessel or display method for your beer growlers, you’ll first want to know the dimensions of each jug.

You’ll want to measure the height, width, and depth of each vessel so you can rest assured that it will fit in the right place.

You may also want to take note of the material the growler is made of. If you have a mix of glass and metal, you’ll want to handle each vessel carefully.

The dimensions will enable you to create a display that will accommodate all the growlers and also ensure they fit without either getting accidents or fitting some growlers in spaces or ways that they do not fit.

Step 2: Choose a place you’ll see regularly

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing a place to display your beer growlers. You’ll want to choose a place that you’ll see regularly and will feel compelled to drink your beer.

This way, you don’t run the risk of your growlers sitting around collecting dust. There are a few common places you may want to start with. The first is on the wall. If you’re lucky enough to have a cool wall, you can either hang a single growler or create a growler wall display.

If you want to create a wall display, you can either purchase a specialized growler holder or create one yourself.

Location, location, location

How to Display your Beer Growlers in a shelf

Another option for displaying your beer growlers is on a shelf. If you choose to mount a shelf, you can either do so to an existing wall or purchase a stand to place on the ground.

If you have a large bookshelf, you can place a few growlers on each shelf. If you have a small bookshelf, you can place a few growlers on one shelf and use the other shelves for books or other decorative items.

If you have a large table, you can use the table to display all of your beer growlers. This will allow you to place them all in one place so you can easily see all 64 ounces at once.

Step3: A Basic Growler Organizing Stand

One of our favorites is the 64oz Growler Bottle Stand. This growler stand is made of durable steel and is compact enough to fit on a countertop or on a tabletop.

It has an open design that makes it easy to see what’s on the stand. The holes on the bottoms of each stand allow for the growlers to drain so you don’t have to worry about stagnant beer. This growler stand comes in black and stainless steel.

Hanging in a row from hooks

If you have the space and your growlers are all the same size, you can put them in a row and hang them comfortably with decorative hooks.

This will allow you to display your growlers while keeping them off the table or countertop so you can use the surface for other things. If you have a large hook and want to hang a single growler, you can.

If you have multiple growlers that are of the same size, you can hang a row of growlers from one hook. If you have a smaller hook and want to hang multiple growlers from one hook, you can either use a larger hook and place smaller hooks on it, or you can stack the growlers so they hang from the hook.

Another option for hanging growlers is to use a command hook. Command hooks can be placed on almost any surface and hold up to 10 pounds.

How to display your beer growlers hanging in a row from hooks

Step 5: Decide on a shape and size

Another thing you’ll want to consider when choosing the right vessel for your beer growlers is the shape and size of each one.

You’ll want to place similar vessels together so they look uniform on the shelf. If you have one growler that’s a different shape than the others, you can either place it in the middle or place it on the end.

If you place a different-shaped vessel in the middle, it will stand out more, while placing it on the end might blend in with the other vessels.

Step 6: Add customized artwork or labels

If you have a vessel that’s larger than your growlers, you can add customized artwork or labels to the outside. This way, you can use one vessel to store multiple beer growlers.

If you have a larger vessel, such as a wooden barrel, you can also use it as a centerpiece. You can place your growlers in the middle, and add flowers or other decorative items around them.

This can also be done with a smaller vessel atop a larger vessel.

Step 7: Find the right vessel(s) for your beer growlers

Small beer Growlers: If you only have a few small beer growlers, a decorative bowl or stand will be fine. However, if you have a large collection of small beer growlers, you might want to go for a specialized beer growler shelf.

These shelves can hold several beer growlers and come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs.

Big beer growlers: If you prefer storing big beer growlers on the wall, you’ll need a specialized wall mount. These wall mounts come in different materials, colors, and designs.

Bonus tip: Add a little flair only if it makes sense

If you go for a more decorative beer display, you may want to go with something that reflects your personality and interests.

Just make sure that whatever you choose to display your beer growlers with is clean, organized, and has a practical purpose. Some beer growler holders are so beautiful and decorative that they might feel a little out of place in your home.

You can always go the functional route and choose something that is easy to clean and matches your home’s décor. If you have a themed room, you can go all out and get something that matches that theme.

What’s the best way to organize beer growlers?

As you want to display your beer growlers, you may need to think of a way to organize them so that they look tidy and are easy to pick. Some people will organize them based on the size.

You can choose to display your beer growlers by their themes, colors, or brewery names. You can also organize your beer growlers by the type of beer they hold.

Depending also on the frequency of the use, you can store the ones that are frequently used where there are more accessible as compared to the ones that are rarely used. This way, you will avoid accidents as you pick the growler for a refill.

How to clean and store a growler

Before you start displaying your beer growlers, it’s important to make sure that they are clean. You don’t want your beer growlers to become a home for mold and bacteria.

If you’re planning on keeping your beer growlers on a shelf or in a cabinet, make sure that it’s clean and dry. Keeping your beer growlers on a shelf will also make it easier to display and access them when the time comes.

If you’re planning on storing your beer growlers on a wall, you can use some double-sided tape to hang them. Before you clean your beer growlers, make sure they are empty. You don’t want to risk breaking the glass because you’re cleaning it while it’s still full.

You can use mild soap, warm water, and a scrub brush to thoroughly clean them. You can air dry them or wipe them with a paper towel. You can store your beer growlers in a cabinet or on a shelf.

If you’re storing them in a cabinet, make sure that the cabinet is clean and dry. You can also use some double-sided tape to hang your beer growlers on the wall.

Any other uses of old beer Growlers

In case you do not want to use your beer growler to get beer anymore, you can decide on the other alternative uses as listed below:

  • Storage: You can store small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, loose change, or other items in a clean and empty beer growler. It’ll look pretty cool too.
  • Doorstop: You can also use an empty beer growler as a doorstop.
  • Bookends: If you want to go for a more unusual bookend, you can use two empty beer growlers.
  • Bar accessory: If you have some empty beer growlers, you can also use them as ice bucket spoons.
  • Flower vase: You can also use an empty beer growler to water your houseplants.

Wrap Up

Beer growlers are one of the best ways to try new craft beers while saving money. They are also a great way to support your local brewery.

If you’re lucky enough to have a well-stocked craft beer local that also has a growler-fill station, you’ll probably be frequenting this place quite often. With this guide, you’ll know how to display these compadres in an organized manner.


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