White Zinfandel Alcohol Content – ABV & 5 oz. Serving Calories

Wine is always great for most occasions, especially the original Zinfandel wine. But what is the White Zinfandel alcohol content and calories in a 5-ounce serving?

White Zinfandel Alcohol Content - ABV & 5 oz. Serving Calories

In this article, we will go into detail about the alcohol percentage of Zinfandel wine, compare it with red Zin and other popular wine brands, and also check the calorie output for this wine that holds its own against most wines.

In our previous article, we gave you a guide on how to serve Zinfandel wine. In this article, let’s start with the white zinfandel wine alcohol percentage and then the content of each serving together.

What is White Zinfandel Alcohol Content?

The rich and complex White Zinfandel alcohol content is 9-10% by volume and thus gives a beginner a wine they might want – low alcohol and low calories of 104 calories per 5 oz. serving.

Thus, the white Zinfandel wine has a low alcohol percentage and caloric content and a soothing sweet palette. The wine which is a mesmerizing blend of floral and fruit with a gentle but crisp acidity is a great wine to drink both on its own, or when paired with a meal.

American wine is categorized as zinfandel wine or rose wine. The white Zin is served in bottles that contain slightly over 25 ounces of wine. Most wine brands will give you between 105 and 125 calories per 6 oz. serving.

The white Zin comes in 4 brands that have some minor differences in alcohol content including:

White Zinfandel Wine BrandsAlcohol Content Calories (6 oz.)
Gallo Family Vineyards9% ABV126 calories
Barefoot White Zinfandel9% ABV125 calories
Beringer White Zinfandel10% ABV126 calories
Sutter Home White Zinfandel9.8% ABV127 calories
Corbett Canyon White Zinfandel

As discussed, white Zinfandel wines contain 9% to 10% ABV and thus has a relatively high alcohol percentage. The sweet variant of this wine started gaining popularity in the 1970s.

Is White Zinfandel a strong wine?

When comparing still wines, white wine has an alcohol content of between five to 14% because white wine grapes have less sugar compared to red wine grapes which are darker. Therefore, the white wine alcohol content is in between the alcohol content of sparkling wines and red wines.

The average ABV of white wine is 10%. White Zinfandel wines have 9% to 10% alcohol content by volume meaning that it has an alcohol content similar to most white wines.

It is important to note that white Zinfandel wine is much stronger than sparkling wines. Thus, White Zinfandel wine is a strong wine. On the other hand, red wines and rosés can have almost a similar alcohol percentage as a White Zinfandel.

The Red Zinfandel wine has a higher alcohol percentage compared to most wines. A red Zinfandel will have an ABV of between 13 to 17% by volume. This is a wine that you will love since it has an oily texture and a bolder body due to its higher ABV compared to regular red wines.

The red very ripe Zinfandel wine grapes have a higher sugar content compared to most wine grapes. The fermentation process converts grapes’ sugar into alcohol. Therefore, higher sugar content in very ripe red Zin grapes results in higher alcohol levels.

Sutter Home White Zinfandel Alcohol Content

Sutter Home White Zinfandel has been family-owned since 1948 in California. The family winemakers have perfected the art of making Sutter Home Zin. It is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks to enhance the aromas and crisp acidity. Then, the bottle of this popular wine has a convenient screw cap with no corkscrew required.

Sutter Home White Zinfandel has 9.8% alcohol by volume and 127 calories per serving. This makes it one of the strongest Zinfandel White wines in the market today. The Sutter Home White Zin alcohol content is the level of Californian White Zinfandels.

You will love the combination of the high alcohol content with the delicious sweetness (medium sweet, with high acid) of the essence of strawberry, melon, and raspberry, with some cheesy and cream flavors. The taste makes it a sweet and refreshing rosé. It offers great value for your money since a bottle goes for around $6.

Beringer white zinfandel alcohol content

We all like the Beringer white zinfandel which is better classified as “America’s favorite White Zinfandel”. The Rosés type of wine is produced in Napa Valley, California.

The Beringer White Zinfandel has an alcohol content of 10% alcohol by volume giving you 126 calories per serving. The wine is strong compared to other white or sparkling wines.

This wine goes very well with spicy food in addition to a lovely sipper chilled or paired with grilled seafood. This is because the wine has a medium sweet but not cloying taste. Moreover, you will love the fact that this American-produced wine is quite affordable.

Franzia white zinfandel alcohol content

You might love our favorite boxed wine, the Franzia White Zinfandel for 8 grams of Carbs of which the sugar content is 4 grams which when combined with proteins and alcohol content gives you 105 Calories.

The Franzia White Zinfandel wine alcohol content is 10.5% by volume meaning it has almost the same alcohol content as all the white Zins compared in this article.

The refreshing crisp blush California wine with delicate strawberry aromas pairs well with fresh & soft cheese, Salads & Greens. The wine is very fresh, and drinkable which gives you a pleasing, non-bitter finish (sweet but not too sweet).

As with the other ZInfandel white wines, the Franzia white wine should be served chilled. What is pleasing about the Franzia White Zinfandel wine is that it’s not terribly strong in alcohol content and thus it doesn’t get you intoxicated easily.

Barefoot white zinfandel alcohol content

The Barefoot White Zinfandel wine is a refreshing wine with tropical aromas of fresh pineapple and sweet citrus although there have been claims of ripe strawberries and pears taste that make the wine sweeter.

The Barefoot White Zinfandel alcohol percentage is 9% by volume. The Californian Rosé styled wine may range in ABV from 8.5% to 10.5% depending on the style of the Barefoot wine.

Because the Barefoot white Zin has some residual sugar, which makes it off-dry. This makes it pair well with appetizers, summer fruits, chicken, seafood, and cheeses. The wine is thin in raspberry fruit.

Barefoot White Zinfandel which is an American wine can be classified as Rosé wine due to the Rosé color or zinfandel wine with a Screwcap closure.

Peter Vella white zinfandel alcohol content

The Peter Vella White Zin is an original wine from California, United States which is classified as a Rose & Blush. The wine has a crisp and clean finish which is what you will love with all Peter Vella wines.

The wine whose appearance is fresh and bright goes well with Hawaiian chicken skewers fresh off the grill, accompanied by a savory wild rice pilaf.

Peter Vella White Zinfandel wine alcohol content is eight percent by volume (8% ABV). The California table wine is a staple in most families since the alcohol content is quite low compared to most other Zinfandel wines.

Peter Vella’s packaging is mostly five-liter boxes. This is because of the lower alcohol content and the sweet taste that makes it a favorite among families.

Woodbridge white zinfandel alcohol content

The Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi White Zinfandel is a Rosé Wine whose appearance and taste make it a not-too-dry, mouthwatering, light-bodied blush wine. The California wine is loaded with flavors of jasmine, raspberry, strawberry, and orange zest.

Woodbridge white zinfandel alcohol content is 9.5% by volume (9.5% ABV). The wine has light flavors that make it an enjoyably versatile wine that pairs well with chicken, and tangy cheeses.

The oak aging on the lees for four months gives the wine the edge and enriches its texture and complexity. The aroma and flavors emanating from the Woodbridge winemaking process are raspberries and strawberries with a hint of citrus. These notes are complemented by the touches of honeysuckle and sweet spice.

Winking owl white zinfandel alcohol content

The final Zinfandel wine that we will go through is the Winking owl wine. You just have to love the taste and the low alcohol content in this wine.

Winking owl white zinfandel alcohol content is 7.5% by volume. This makes this wine one of the lowest alcohol-content white Zin wine. It makes it pairs well with desserts.

As we all now know, the alcohol content in wine is determined by the sugar content in the grapes. The Winking owl grapes contain less sugar that is converted to alcohol leading to a lower alcohol content than many wines.

The beauty of this wine is that it is playful and fun or savory and serious. It can make you intoxicated even though it tastes sweet and with less alcohol.

Zinfandel White Wine description

Calories from a shot of liquor vs beer vs white Zinfandel Wine

The naming of this popular wine can confuse you. It is called a white wine whereas it is a rosé or pink wine. The wine is traditionally quite dry however current winemakers are making more sweet white Zinfandel. The lovely white wine became more popular in the 1970s.

Therefore, the current taste is deliciously sweet. You will love the essence of strawberry and melon. Therefore, the wine is so light and refreshing making it to pair perfectly with the whole spectrum of food ranging from spicy to sweet food.

A single-varietal bottled wine of Zinfandel comes with a convenient screw cap with no corkscrew required. This makes it easy to open and enjoy and also is quite cost-effective.

Finally, you should know that the grapes that are used to make red Zinfandel are the same grapes used in making white Zinfandel. However, the winemaking process follows the semi-sweet rosé style. Thus the grape juice is only soaked in the skins for a short duration thus giving the wine the “pink” color.

White Zinfandel from Barefoot Calories per 151 1/2 gram Serving Size (6 oz. glass)

NutrientsAmount per serving% daily value (2000 calorie diet)
Total Carbohydrate 5.8g2%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Sugars 5.8g
Protein 0.6g1%

Beringer White Zinfandel Calories per 151 1/2 gram Serving Size (6 oz. glass)

The Beringer White Zinfandel is also called “America’s favorite White Zinfandel”. The wine hails from Napa Valley, California.

Beringer White Zin gives you a low alcohol content refreshing dry wine that is well-structured with bright acidity. It is important to note that the calories in a 6-ounce serving of Beringer white wine are similar to that of most other Zin wines.

Beringer gives you 126 calories per 6-ounce serving from the 5.8 grams of carbohydrates and 0.6 grams of proteins in addition to the alcohol content.

The Beringer white wine that is sweet has a distinctly sweet taste from greater residual sugar. However, the calories from alcohol are significantly higher than the calories from sugar content.

Gallo Family white Zin calories

The Gallo Family Rose & Blush Wine contains 9% alcohol by volume. It makes the wine appealing and refreshing especially for a party or family gathering. This is because the wine has a crisp, refreshing finish, and thus this makes the semi-sweet White Zinfandel ideal serving conditions to be chilled form.

The Gallo Family white Zinfandel Grenache wine will give you 126 calories output from a 6-ounce serving. This wine is thus great in taste and gives you almost the same number of calories as other ZIn white wines.

The Rosé wine from California, United States is associated with 111 mentions of red fruit notes such as raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon among others. You will love the luscious, fruity wine with flavors of strawberry and citrus that comes from tasting this wine.

How to burn off the 125 calories from White Zinfandel Wine

This wine has carolie output that is comparable with other wines in the market today. It compared favorably compared to regular beers. Most regular beers have an average of 150 calories for a 12 oz. serving.

Most of the wines will give you an average of 100 calories per 5 oz. serving. The wine gives you 125 calories per 6 oz serving.

How to burn off the 125 calories from White Zinfandel Wine

You can lose the 125 calories from White Zinfandel wine by:

  • Climb stairs for up to 17 minutes
  • Do yoga for up to 38 minutes
  • Walk at a steady pace for up to 38 minutes
  • Do your work standing rather than sitting for a few hours
  • Jump rope for up to 13 minutes

There are other exercises you can do to lose the 125 calories. It is important to note that you do not require a lot of effort to lose calories if you have only taken one glass of wine.

White Zinfandel to get drunk

Having an alcohol content of 9% to 10%, you will need to take three to four glasses of white Zinfandel wine to get intoxicated. The three to four glasses will raise the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to the minimum amount of drunkenness at 0.25 percent.

The good thing is that the wine has bold flavors that come from the wine’s moderate tannin and high acidity. These ensure that as you enjoy the light Body, semi-sweet wine you can take a few glasses before getting buzzed.


We have gone through the alcohol content in white Zinfandel wine and compared the different brands of white Zin wine for your information as you choose the best wine for your tasting.

Different Zinfandel white wine brands have almost the same alcohol content of nine to ten percent by volume. Moreover, all the brands’ calories per 6-oz serving are almost the same at 125 to 126 calories.

You also need to know how to store your Zindafel wine to ensure you enjoy it for extended periods of time. All the best as you enjoy your wine.