Hamm’s Alcohol Content (4% or 5%?): Hamm’s Beer Detailed Description

To control your alcohol consumption and calorie intake, we recommend learning about Hamm’s alcohol content and the beer’s calorie count. This will help you know how many Hamm’s you should take to drive or get drunk. Moreover, it can help you know if you maintain your lifestyle and take Hamm’s you will get a pot belly or fat.

Hamm’s alcohol content is 4.7% ABV and has a calorie count of about 144 calories per 12 oz serving. It will take an average of 4 to 5 Hamm’s bottles imbibed in one hour for a 190-pound (86 kilograms) adult man to get drunk and three to four beers for a 160-pound (73 kilograms) adult woman to get drunk. The low alcohol content in this Wisconsin- American-Style Lager makes it easy for everyone to enjoy it but easily control their alcohol consumption.

Let’s go through the Hamm’s alcohol content in detail as well as the other features in this traditional American-Style lager beer to guide your entertainment.

Hamm’s Alcohol Content

Hamm’s beer has an alcohol by volume of 4.7% giving it a premium taste. The beer has the average beer alcohol content means that it will take an average of 4 to 5 Hamm’s bottles in one hour for a 190-pound (86 kilograms) adult man to get drunk and three to four beers for a 160-pound (73 kilograms) adult woman to get drunk.

The beer falls in the range of alcohol by volume (ABV) of American lagers which is usually between usually in the 4% – 5% range making it a light beverage taste. The low alcohol content in this light beer means that taking the 12 oz cans of the beer has a reduced risk of generating high blood alcohol concentration if consumed moderately.

This beer uses the 5 main ingredients for making beer that is water, malted barley, yeast, hops, and maltose (corn syrup) to come up with a brew that has a balanced, grainy, light, dry, crisp, clean taste profile. The purest water used to make Hamm’s beer, in addition to the choicest barley malt, grain, and hops makes it taste so good.

Hamm's Alcohol Content, Calories & Tasting notes

How much alcohol is in 12 oz Hamm’s beer

Hamm’s beer has an ABV of 4.7% ABV meaning that it has there are 0.564 parts (oz) Per 12 oz serving of Hamm’s beer. This means that the 12-ounce can of Hamm’s beer contains approximately 13 grams of alcohol. You should know that if you take enough of Hamm’s beer, you will get drunk.

Because Hamm’s beer is a 4.7% ABV beer, the standard drink of beer would be approximately 12 ounces. A standard drink according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is a drink containing approximately “14 grams of pure alcohol”.

The low content means that when taken moderately, you have a low risk of having a very high alcohol concentration in your blood also called the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). As per the CDC description, it takes 4 standard beers for an average 160lb adult male to get drunk.

Even though Hamm’s beer has a low alcohol content, it has an attractive aroma that makes it a great beer for your consumption. The Hamm’s beer thus is in the range of all favorite American beers which is between 4 to 5% ABV.

How many Hamm’s Beer 12 oz to get drunk?

The amount of beer to get drunk is dependent on the alcohol volume taken in an hour in addition to the partaker’s body weight, height, gender, age, food in their stomach, and the type of beer. Moreover, some people are able to metabolize alcohol faster than other people.

On average, it will take an average 160lb adult male, 4 standard beers taken within an hour to get drunk. Therefore, it will take the Hamm’s beer drinkers the following cans to get drunk:

Weight in males OR femalesHamm’s Beer for men to get drunk in 1 hourHamm’s Beer for women to get drunk in 1 hr
120 pounds3 beers2 beers
150 pounds4 beers2 beers
180 pounds5 beers3 beers
200 pounds6 beers4 beers
250 pounds6 beers4 beers

The description above may not apply to everyone uniformly. Therefore, it is important to keep on checking how you feel when you take the alcohol to ensure you do not get a blackout.

Hamm’s Beer Quick Description

SpecificationsHamm’s Beer Details
Beer typeAmerican-Style Lager Beer
First brewed1865 in Minnesota
BreweryHamm’s Brewing Co. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
IngredientWater, malted barley, hops, corn syrup (maltose), & yeast
Does it contain gluten?It is not gluten-free
CaloriesAbout 144 calories per 12-ounce serving
Carbs12 g per 12-ounce serving
PackagingSix-pack – 30-can pack
BodyLight body
Flavor profileBalanced, grainy, light, dry, crisp, clean
Recommended Serving Temperature35 – 40 F
CostVery affordable price

Overview of Hamm’s Beer

Theodore Hamm Brewing Company was established in 1865 in Minnesota, the ‘Land of Sky Blue Waters‘, where Hamm’s Beer® was born. The 150-year-old company has remained a major part of American brewing history since its inception.

Thousands of people still admire Hamm’s beer across the country, even after more than 150 years. The phrase “born in the land of sky blue waters” is associated with Hamm’s beer.

It is a domestic beer that has a balanced flavor with a fresh hint of hops emphasized by its sparkling bubbles. This beer has a complex aroma that includes malty notes, grassy, and fruity hop flavors, as well as low hop bitterness.

The malty notes, grassy and fruity hop flavors, and low hop bitterness contribute to the subtle blend of complex aromatics in this American-Style Lager with 4.7% ABV.

It’s a light beer with a subtle blend of complex aromatics that includes malty notes, grassy and fruity hop flavors, and low hop bitterness. Because of its light body, it is an excellent beer to quench your thirst.

To ensure that you enjoy it alone, with family, or over a period of time, the beer is packed in a number of quantities. This packaging of Hamm’s beer range from a six-pack can to a 30-can pack for every occasion.

Tasting Notes for Hamm’s Beer: Light, Dry, Grainy, Bright

You can taste the subtle but distinct malt aromas in any beer. The same is true of Hamm’s beer but with more clarity. Of course, due to the addition of corn syrup, this beer starts sweet and has a smooth texture.

It has a light body with corn and grain undertones thus giving the beer its clear, pale straw color. Because of this, Hamm’s beer looks stunning when served. The carbonation is gentle and constant.

It slowly ascends to the surface, creating a ⅜-inch thick, heavily beaded white head. The head never entirely disappears, but rather evolves into an island moat around the ½-inch deep beer moat. A wall of foam adheres to the glass, thus creating a final barrier.

Thus, since we have all these flavors and smells combined, you can not fail to get the refreshing mouthfeel and feeling after taking Hamm’s beer.

Calories in Hamm’s beer

The beer has an average ABV and a great refreshing taste. But what of the calorie count in a 12 oz of Hamm’s beer?

The Hamm’s beer when consumed, the body will generate 142 calories for every 12 ounces of Hamm’s beer consumed. This comes from 0g of fat, 7g of sodium, 12g of Carbs, and 1g of protein.

It is important to note that none of the calories generated from Hamm’s beer come from fats. In fact, most of the calories produced come from carbohydrates which make up 12g of the 12 oz beer. The calories are not as low as in light beer, but neither are they as high as in dark stouts.

These calories are almost 2 % of the daily calorie count requirements for an adult human being who is on a 2,000 calories diet per day. Therefore, if a number of cans are consumed on a regular basis, then you are likely to gain weight or get a pot belly.

Finally, it is important for people who can’t take gluten to know that Hamm’s beer is not a Gluten-Free Beverage. This is because it is made from malted barley, among the other ingredients, which has a high gluten content and a good level of gluten properties.

Gluten-intolerant people like those having celiac disease should not take this beer at any amount. This is because they may experience side effects including immune system triggers in people with celiac disease.

Hamm’s Beer Food Pairings

Hamm's Beer Food Pairings

This beer can go with almost anything. However, for the pairing, you can try Haam’s beer with Nuts and Cured Meats. You can also pair Hamm’s beer with the following:

  • Barbeque
  • Earthy cheeses like Camembert or Fontina
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Italian cuisine
  • Pork
  • Poultry

It is important to know that most light beers will complement most foods very well including vegetarian diets. This is even better for this beer since it has a sweet taste that comes from the maltose used in its brewing.


As discussed, Hamm’s alcohol content is 4.7% ABV which means that it falls within the regular range of beers in the United States. The amount of alcohol in the beer means that it will take 4 to 5 Hamm’s bottles imbibed in one hour for a 190-pound (86 kilograms) adult man to get buzzed and three to four beers for a 160-pound (73 kilograms) adult woman to get intoxicated.

However, it is unlikely to markedly increase the Bloof Alcohol Content (BAC) if taken moderately. You should not drive if you have taken more than 3 Hamm’s beers within an hour. But when taken fast, you are likely to get drunk.

In 1865, the Hamm’s Beer® company was founded in Minnesota, the Land of Sky Blue Waters. In the 150 years since, Hamm’s has remained an important aspect of American brewing history. Despite the fact that over 150 years have passed, Hamms has thousands of fans all around the country.