Busch Alcohol Content & 12 oz. Calories (2024 Busch Beer Review)

Most of the standard beers have a higher alcohol content compared to Busch beer. The Busch alcohol content by volume and calories compare favorably with all the other standard beers.

Busch Alcohol Content & 12 oz. Calories

The alcohol content by volume of Busch is 4.3% with a calorie count of 114. The American adjunct Lager-style beer produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev in Saint Louis, Missouri, ranks among the top 10 beers in terms of U.S. shipments even though the beer is now produced locally.

Anheuser-Busch was founded in the 1850s. It was started by Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch started as a small neighborhood brewery. The brewery quickly transformed from a local brewery to an international brewery. The beer is light and unassuming and thus is relatively low in calories compared to other similar standard brews.

Let’s go through the beer’s alcohol content, calories, ingredients, and other details to ensure you are enlightened as you make your order today.

Busch Alcohol Content

The Busch alcohol content by volume is 4.3% in the United States. The Busch pale lager beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch alcohol content which is measured by alcohol by volume (ABV) shows that Busch beer has 4.3% of pure alcohol. The beer is relatively lower in calories and alcohol content compared with other standard beers.

The beer’s alcohol content is not relatively high as compared to the light version. Busch Light contains 4.1% alcohol content by volume as compared to the 4.3% ABV in Busch beer. You will find more comparisons on the alcohol and other details in this article.

The beer is brewed with a blend of American-grown and imported hops in Missouri which combine well with malt and corn for the refreshing balanced beer flavor. Our tastes identified the beer to have a slightly sweet, never skunky, completely inoffensive, and easy-to-drink flavor which is perfect for any beer.

Miller High Life vs Budweiser vs Modelo Especial vs Coors Banquet Vs Busch beer alcohol content by volume & Calories

Busch Beer vs Coors Banquet alcohol content

We are comparing two of the most popular beers in the world. The Busch beer is brewed by AB InBev while Coors Banquet is produced by Coors Brewing Company.

The alcohol content in Busch beer is 4.3% ABV compared to Coors Banquet’s alcohol content by volume is 5%. The standard American lagers are produced from different additional ingredients to the 4 primary ingredients in a beer which are water, yeast, hops, and a proprietary blend of barley.

Thus, both Coors Banquet and Busch beers which are American adjunct Lager-style have corn grid as an adjunct. Due to the low alcohol content of Busch beer as compared to other standard beers in addition to a low hop profile, it lacks a strong flavor, and thus it’s suitable for casual drinking.

Busch calories 12 oz bottle is about 114 calories compared to 147 calories in a 12-fl.-oz. of Coors banquet. The calories are from the 4.3% alcohol content, 6.9 grams of carbs, and 0.8 grams of protein for Busch while Coors Banquet’s calorie output is from the 5% alcohol, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and 1g of protein. Both beers have no fast content per 12 oz.

The two beers are not so different when comparing the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) which is an international unit for bitterness where Busch has an IBU of 12 while Coors Banquet has an IBU of 15.

Busch Beer vs Budweiser alcohol content

Both Busch beer and Budweiser are two of six beers from Anheuser-Busch InBev that used to rank among the top 10 beers in terms of U.S. shipments. However, both beers are now brewed in the United States.

The two beers are standard American lagers with Budweiser having an alcohol content of 5 while Busch beer has an alcohol content of 4.3%. This means that Budweiser has 16% more pure alcohol in the same serving compared to Busch beer. Thus, Bud is stronger than Busch beer in terms of alcohol content.

Being imported European beers, the breweries use rice or corn as an adjunct. Thus, Budweiser and Busch beer share the primary ingredient composition which is filtered water, Premium American and imported hops, yeast, and barley malt. Budweiser has rice as an adjunct while Busch beer has corn.

The ingredients are brewed perfectly to give you 12 oz. beers that have 114 calories for Busch lager and 149 calories in Budweiser. The calories for Busch come from 4.3% of pure alcohol, 6.9 grams of carbs, and 0.8 grams of protein while for Budweiser the calories come from 5% pure alcohol, 10.6 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.3 grams of protein. However, there is no fat content in both beers per 12 oz.

Miller High Life vs Busch Beer alcohol content

Both Busch beer and Miller High Life are American Lagers that are quite popular and iconic. They have differences in alcohol content and calories for the same serving with Miller High Life having more alcohol content by volume.

The Miller High Life Alcohol Content is 4.6% ABV compared to 4.3 percent ABV in Busch beer. Thus, Miller High Life has almost 7% more alcohol content as compared to Busch beer.

Miller High Life gives you 141 calories in a 12-ounce serving (can/ bottle/ pour), with the source of the calories being the alcohol volume, 12.2 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.5 grams of protein. On the other hand, Busch beer will give you 114 calories from the 4.3% alcohol content, 6.9 grams of carbs, and 0.8 grams of protein.

However, the two beers have a distinct hoppy flavor with Miller High Life having an IBU of 7 while Busch beer has an IBU of 12. Thus Miller High Life is less hoppy and thus sweeter as compared to Busch beer.

Modelo Especial vs Busch Beer alcohol content

The two beers are iconic beers from different cultures. Modelo Especial is a Mexican pils beer that offers an excellent tasting profile for a beer to be enjoyed at any time while Busch Beer is an American lager.

The difference in terms of alcohol percentage by volume is that the Busch beer has 4.3% alcohol by volume while the Modelo Especial Alcohol Content is 4.4% alcohol content by volume. Thus, when you take Busch beer, you take almost the same alcohol content that you get in Modelo Especial.

Busch beer will give you 114 calories in a 12-fl.-oz. can as compared to 143 calories for the same serving of Modelo Especial. Busch beer will give you 114 calories from the 4.3% alcohol content, 6.9 grams of carbs, and 0.8 grams of protein.

Modelo Especial is a pilsner-style beer that will give you 143 calories per 12 oz. serving (350 ml. can/ bottle/ pour) that comes from alcohol, 13.6 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.1 grams of protein.

Busch Beer vs Stella Artois Alcohol content

Stella Artois is an “international” strong Pilsner beer currently owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev while Busch beer is a pale lager also owned by the same brewery. Stella Artois was first brewed in 1926 by Brouwerij Artois in Leuven, Belgium.

The Stella Artois Alcohol Content ranges between 4.6% to 5.2% alcohol content by volume in various markets and 5% in the United States while the alcohol content of Busch beer is 4.3%.

A 12-ounce serving (330 ml) of Stella Artois contains 154 calories while the same serving of Busch beer contains 114 calories. The calories for Stella Artois come from the alcohol content, 12.8 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein. For Busch beer, the 114 calories come from the 4.3% alcohol content, 6.9 grams of carbs, and 0.8 grams of protein.

Stella Artois is markedly hoppier as compared to Busch beer. Thus, the IBU of Stella Artois is 24 while that of Busch beer is 12. This reflects on the taste of the beer as you indulge.

Busch beer product description

SpecificationsBusch beer’s Beer Details
Beer typeAmerican lager beer
First brewed1955 as Busch Bavarian Beer
BreweryAnheuser-Busch InBev in Saint Louis, Missouri
IngredientsWater, malted barley, corn, hops, and yeast
Does it contain gluten?It is not gluten-free
CaloriesAbout 114 calories per 12-ounce serving
Carbs6.9 grams of carbs per 12-ounce serving
PackagingSix-pack to 30-can pack (12 and 16 oz.)
BodyLight body
Flavor profileCrisp, very light, and pretty jazzy
Recommended Serving Temperature35 – 42 degrees Fahrenheit
CostVery affordable price

Busch Beer sensory profile

We have compared the beer alcohol content list for Busch, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Miller High Life, and Corona Especial, but what is the sensory profile for the Busch pale lager beer?

The eyes will see a classic pale golden beer that has obvious carbonation and a thin white foam cap. This will line the rim of the beer making the glass appear golden.

The nose will smell the sweet corn and light malt smell whose aroma is that of wheat biscuit or hay. In addition, you will experience the grassy-scented hop, and tangy, metallic sharpness from the beer but these smells are quite faint.

On the tongue and palate, the beer will have a crisp, very light, and jazzy taste. You will love the corn and malt taste that is sweet that combines well with the light hops flavor. The hops will taste herbal and have a tangy edge which balances the taste profile well. The beer is smooth on the palate and will definitely give you some pleasurable times.


In this article, we have gone through the Busch beer profile in detail and described how it compares with similar beers. The description will enable you to make a decision on the type of beer to take and love.

Busch Beer as discussed above has 4.3% alcohol content by volume in the United States. The Anheuser-Busch InBev in Saint Louis brewed pale lager will give you 114 calories per 12 oz. serving.

You will definitely love the taste and ingredient profile in the beer since it is sweet with a corn flavor that augurs well with the other ingredients in the beer which are filtered water, barley, hops, and yeast.