Budweiser Select Alcohol Content: 12 oz. Calories, Carbs, & IBU

We have discussed Budweiser regular and Bud Light at length in our previous articles. But what is the Budweiser Select alcohol content? Does it match the alcohol content in the Light or regular? And what about the calories for a 12-fluid oz. serving?

Budweiser Select an American-style lager brewed by Anheuser-Busch has 4.3% alcohol content by volume which is higher than the 4.2% ABV available in Bud Light. However, Budweiser Select 55 has the lowest alcohol content in a beer at 2.4% alcohol content by volume. Budweiser Select will give you 3.1 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of protein, and 0.0 grams of fat all adding up to 99 calories for a 12 oz. serving.

Budweiser Select retains the same great full beer flavor taste of Budweiser you know and love. However, the difference is that the Budweiser Select is a low-calorie, low-carb light beer.

Budweiser Select Alcohol Content: 12 oz. Calories, Carbs, & IBU

We will go through the Budweiser Select alcohol content, IBU, Calories, ingredients, and other features in addition to comparing the light American lager with other light beers in the market today.

Budweiser Select Alcohol Content

Budweiser Select which is an American-style lager that is brewed by Anheuser-Busch has an alcohol content by volume of 4.3%. The 4.3% ABV in Budweiser Select is higher than the 4.2% ABV available in Bud Light. However, Budweiser Select 55 has one of the lowest alcohol content by volume in beer at 2.4% ABV.

The alcohol content in Budweiser Select makes it an excellent beer to take since it is in the average range of light beers but is accompanied by a lower calorie intake compared to Bud Light.

Budweiser Select will give you 3.1 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of protein, and 0.0 grams of fat all adding up to 99 calories for a 12 oz. serving.

The American-style lager (Budweiser Select) undergoes a long brewing process to come up with a crisp taste that finishes clean. It is brewed with two-row and roasted caramel malt. This malt and brewing process yields a rich color and original Budweiser taste.

Moreover, the brew uses selected premium American and Bavarian hops to ensure there is a hop/ sweet balance and flavor. The perfect brewing process gives you Budweiser Select with an IBU of 12.

Budweiser Select 55

Budweiser Select 55 alcohol content by volume, IBU, Calories and serving temperature

The craze in the world right now is getting calorie-free meals or the lowest carbs in a meal. This is because the effects of high-calorie diets are profound and well-known. Thus, Budweiser went ahead to produce a beer with the lowest calories and alcohol content.

Budweiser Select 55 is thus claimed as the world’s “lightest” beer. This is because it contains just 55 calories for the 12 fluid oz serving and just 2.4 percent alcohol by volume. The premium light American-style lager has 1.9 grams of carbohydrate content, 0.5 grams of protein, and 0.0 grams of fat.

Bud 55 is lighter than most light beers with 55 calories vs the 100 calories average for light beers and the 2.4% alcohol by volume compared to the approximately 4.2% alcohol content for light beers.

To ensure that you enjoy the best in the golden lager, Budweiser Select 55 hops are hand-selected premium ones. The hops make the brew have a crisp, and refreshing aroma.

The malt that makes the Select 55 are the two-row American barley malt, and roasted caramel American barley malt. These types of malts make you end up with a bright, golden color, crisp clean taste, and a smooth finish golden lager.

The nearest competitor for Budweiser Select 55 is the Miller Genuine Draft “64”. The Miller Genuine Draft 64 will give you 64 calories and 2.8 percent alcohol by volume. Thus, you can choose an alcoholic beer for you that will not make you gain weight.

Budweiser Select 55 to get you drunk

The low-calorie beer is very low in calorific count and it is hard for you to get drunk. This is because you will have to drink a lot of Budweiser Select 55 beer cans to get the buzzed effect.

The beer made for the calorie counter may not get you drunk even if you want to get drunk. This is because, as shown below, then you may need to take up to 11 servings (cans/ bottles or pours) of 12 fluid-ounce of this beer in an hour to get drunk which is practically impossible.

Compared with the regular 5% alcohol by volume beers, you need to drink twice as much to get drunk. This means the beer will most likely not get you drunk. The following are the number of beers that a man and woman need to take within an hour to get drunk.

Weight in males OR femalesBudweiser Select (2.4% ABV) for men to get drunk in 1 hourBudweiser Select 55 (2.4% ABV) for women to get drunk in 1 hr
120 pounds6 (12 oz. beers)4 (12 oz. beers)
150 pounds8 (12 oz. beers)5 (12 oz. beers)
180 pounds10 (12 oz. beers)6 (12 oz. beers)
200 pounds11 (12 oz. beers)8 (12 oz. beers)
250 pounds11 (12 oz. beers)8 (12 oz. beers)

The rate of intoxication is dependent on other factors other than the gender and weight & height described above. To slow down the alcohol absorption in your digestive system, you need to have food in the stomach. The availability of food in the stomach slows down the rate at which you get drunk at.

In addition, the age of the person taking the beer can also influence the rate at that you get drunk. Older people tend to get drunk faster as compared to younger people since their livers are quite in shape at a young age.

Moreover, alcohol tolerance plays a factor in the rate of getting buzzed. People who have been taking beer often tend to be more tolerant as compared to persons who do not take beer or occasionally take a drink or two.

Finally, the liver and kidney function also play a part in the rate of getting drunk. If your liver function is poor, then you will not be able to metabolize alcohol as fast as a healthy liver thus making you intoxicated faster and for longer.

Budweiser Select vs Budweiser Select 55 vs Bud Light

We have compared the Budweiser Select, Budweiser Select 55, and Bud Light alcohol content among other properties to help you decide on the type of beer that will give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

It is important to note that the Anheuser-Busch light beers have different dates of launch, taste profiles, ingredients, and hop flavors that make them distinct.

Ingredients to make Budweiser Select

Take a look at the comparison and enjoy the beer that suits your taste buds for a refreshing, enjoyable, drinking time for you and your friends/ family.

SpecificationsBudweiser SelectBudweiser Select 55Bud Light
Beer typeAmerican-style light lagerPremium light American-style lagerAmerican-style light lager
Year Launched200520091982
Calories per 12oz99 (12 oz)55 (12 oz)110 (12 oz)
Carbs3.1 grams (12 oz)1.9 grams (12 oz)6.6 grams (12 oz)
Protein content0.5 gram (12 oz)0.5 gram (12 oz)0.9 grams (12 oz)
International Bittering UnitsIBU- 12IBU- 12IBU- 10
Alcohol Content (ABV)4.3% ABV2.4% ABV4.2% ABV
IngredientsTwo-row and six-row roasted caramel barley malt, American and Bavarian hops, water, yeastWater, Corn, Barley Malt, Malt Extract, Hop ExtractWater, Corn, Barley, Cane Sugar, and Hop Extract.
Does it contain gluten?It is not gluten-freeIt is not gluten-freeIt is not gluten-free
FlavorFull flavored, sweet, light, and refreshing diverse malt backboneNotes of toasted malt and subtle hoppingLight notes of fruit, honey, and malty flavor
PopularitypopularPopularVery popular
PackagingSix package options: singles, six-packs, and 12-packs for 12-oz bottles and cans and 24-oz single cansMultiple packagesMultiple sizes, and eco-friendly packaging options

Budweiser Select IBU

Budweiser Select is much more hoppier as compared to the Bud light. Thus the international bittering unit (IBU) for Budweiser Select is higher than that of Bud Light.

As indicated in the table above, the IBU of Budweiser Select is 12 similar to the IBU of Budweiser Select 55. This is higher than the IBU of 10 that is contained in Bud Light.

This means that hand-selected premium American and Bavarian hops are added to the beer for a sweet hoppy taste. The hops are balanced with the sweet flavor from the two-row and six-row roasted caramel barley malt to give a beer to behold.


Budweiser Select is a premium beer from Anheuser-Busch, Missouri, United States, that is low in alcohol content and even lower than most light beers when calories are compared. The beer is great to enjoy your time with friends and family without the worry of getting a pot belly.

The alcohol content in Budweiser Select is 4.3%. The low alcohol content coupled with the 99 calories for a 12-fluid oz. serving makes the beer a good choice for the calorie counter who wants to get drunk.

On the other hand, Budweiser Select 55 is one of the lowest calorie beers at 55 calories for a 12 fl. oz. serving with an alcohol by volume percentage of 2.4%. The beer may not get you drunk since you need to take double the number of regular beers in an hour to get drunk.